En este momento estás viendo EPASE will celebrate the CTC birthday
Osmany Costa Reyes, director of EPASE, knew that his company was selected to host the provincial event for the 84th anniversary of the CTC, at the meeting of the Secretariat of the avilanian trade union organization. Photo: Sulema Véliz Pina

EPASE will celebrate the CTC birthday

The provincial event in Ciego de Ávila for the 84th anniversary of the trade union organization will be held at the Education Supply and Services Company.

The Education Supply and Services Company, known by the acronym EPASE, was selected to carry out the provincial event for the 84th anniversary of the founding of the Cuban Workers’ Central, which is commemorated every January 28, the date on which the trade union movement will also celebrate the 170th anniversary of the birth of National Hero José Martí.

Such designation to the labor collective was made in the presence of its director Osmany Costa Reyes, who received the recognition in the meeting of the Secretariat of the CTC of the territory, for the integral results of the workers of that entity in the fulfillment of the productive, economic, social and union tasks during the past year.

Among the achievements are the recognition as an outstanding company in Economic-Productive Management, for the contribution to the repair and maintenance program for more than 25 construction works, the over-fulfillment of the sales plan and the growth of the average monthly salary per worker.

Also noteworthy is the support to districts, communities and neighborhoods, the performance of volunteer work, the development of individual and collective emulation and stimulation.

For such achievements, EPASE workers were awarded the category of National Distinguished Collective, the Coat of Arms of the province, the certificates of Safe Center and Martiano Collective, and other distinctions.

The entity’s mission is to guarantee the supply of means and resources for the educational teaching process, to carry out with quality and innovation the repair and maintenance services to the educational entities of the territory and to other organizations in the avilanian territory.

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