En este momento estás viendo Environmental work of local development project in Ciego de Avila recognized

Environmental work of local development project in Ciego de Avila recognized

Dedicated to artisanal cosmetology in the municipality of Morón, the local development project Delavida was honored during the World Environment Day celebrations in Ciego de Avila for implementing sustainable production and consumption models and circular economy initiatives.

The Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment recognizes in this economic actor, which has been in existence for almost three years, the capacity to take advantage of animal fats that constitute waste from meat companies in the province and the country in its manufacturing processes, thus reducing the possibility of environmental contamination by these substances.

In addition, the purchase of this product benefits the suppliers, who receive income for something that was previously discarded and solve a problem, since the disposal of this waste was sometimes complicated.

They also reuse cardboard boxes and plastic and glass knobs discarded in stores and homes, so that they are reincorporated into production processes to pack and package different products that are marketed in several provinces, including the 10 municipalities of the territory of Avila.

Delavida’s range of products is basically made up of more than 40 varieties of natural handmade soaps, defined as a leading product, as well as creams, body oils and products for hair hygiene and beauty, all conceived using elements from the environment, with medicinal properties, beneficial for sensitive skins and endorsed by the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology.

The soaps, produced in quantities that exceed 4 thousand units per month, are obtained through the cold saponification technique, so that the ingredients (vegetable oils, animal fats, infusions, dehydrated medicinal plants, fruits and their seeds, honey and its derivatives) are preserved with total quality.

The raw materials used are biodegradable, so there is no risk of contamination, and the environmental character of the project is reinforced by the rational consumption of energy carriers.

Yunet Pérez, head of the PDL, emphasized to the Cuban News Agency that nothing is wasted during the manufacturing process, since the soap shavings are sold as such or reincorporated into the mixtures for new productions.

These products, mainly natural soaps, are used to treat dermatological conditions in patients at the Capitán Roberto Rodríguez Fernández and Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola provincial hospitals, where they receive the products free of charge.

Delavida promotes healthy lifestyles and contributes to the formation of a culture on the use of environmentally friendly products, through promotional-educational work on the social networks Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The linkages with Jardines del Rey’s hotel facilities favor the differentiated treatment of clients classified as very important persons (VIP), by offering handcrafted and exclusive natural products for personal hygiene, beauty and health.

The PDL fulfills one of its main goals by inserting its products in hotels of the Gran Caribe, Cubanacán and Gaviota chains, which have access to more economical, exclusive, healthy and environmentally friendly resources, thus emphasizing the principle of sustainability in the so-called leisure industry.

Newly incorporated preparations, such as liquids for household hygiene, are also used in Four and Five Star hotels, such as the Iberostar Daiquirí, Meliá Costa Rey and Sol Cayo Coco, while the new facilities in Cayo Paredón Grande are progressively gaining access to them.

The Avileña entrepreneur said that this represents a first step to expand her market in the islets that make up Jardines del Rey and other tourist destinations in the country.

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