En este momento estás viendo Elite League of Baseball with reinforcements, changes and clarifications

Elite League of Baseball with reinforcements, changes and clarifications

With the selection of the reinforcements of the four qualified teams, a change in the start and clarifications in the calendar, everything is ready to begin the semifinal of the II Elite Baseball League on January 6, 2024.

During the first part of the baseball day this Wednesday in the meeting room of the coliseum of the Ciudad Deportiva of this capital, Matanzas, Artemisa, Industriales and Las Tunas chose their two reinforcements.

The Cocodrilos from Matanzas chose Yordan Manduley and Wilber Reyna, while the Cazadores from Artemisa selected Frederich Cepeda and Albert Valladares.

Yonielquis Duardo and José Luis Gutiérrez will play for the Leones de la Capital and Yosiel Serrano and Juan Carlos Arencibia will play for the Leñadores Tuneros.

These are the definitive rosters to face from Saturday, January 6, the important stage of seven games to win four, starting at the Victoria stadium in Giron, where the hosts from Matanzas will face the visitors from Tuneros, starting at 6:30 in the afternoon.

On Sunday 7, the actions will start at 1:30 pm at the 26 de Julio stadium in Artemio, where the hosts will face the capital, in a day in which the second game will be held at 6:30 pm, between the Cocodrilos and the Leñadores.

A day later, Artemisa and Industriales will play again (1:30 pm), while Matanzas and Las Tunas will meet again (6:30 pm) at the Julio Antonio Mella stadium, where they will play two more games (2:30 and 6:30 pm).

After the transfer of Artemisa and Industriales on Tuesday 9, the Havana Latinoamericano will host the local Leones and visiting Cazadores, teams that will complete the first five games on Wednesday 10 (6:30 pm), Thursday 11 (2:30 pm) and Friday 12 (6:30 pm).

That Friday and if necessary, the actions will return to the Victorias de Girón for the sixth (Saturday 13) and seventh (Sunday 14) games between Matanzas and Las Tunas, both with start time at 6:30 pm.

Industriales and Artemisa will return -if necessary- to 26 de Julio, where the hosts Cazadores Artemiseños and the visiting Leones capitalinos will face each other on Sunday 14 (1:30 pm) and Monday 15 (1:30 pm).

The technical congress also decided that the teams will travel with 27 athletes and that all will be eligible to play, as well as that each team will have the right to host 43 people, both the home club and the visiting team.

The participants in the technical meeting also agreed that the games will be played with no time limit, that the Schiller rule will be applied for tiebreakers and that in case of suspension for any reason the challenge will be sealed, whether official or not.

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