En este momento estás viendo Electoral lists verified in Morón as a guarantee of elections
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Electoral lists verified in Morón as a guarantee of elections

The verification of the lists of voters constitutes one of the main tasks of the Municipal Electoral Council (CEM) of the Avilanian territory of Morón, as part of the preparation for the elections of the deputies to the National Assembly of Popular Power, to be held next 26 of March.

The first training of the authorities that will intervene in the process in all constituencies has already been carried out, in which 156 polling stations are expected to open their doors, 133 ordinary and 23 special, the latter located in different points of the Jardines del Rey tourist pole, and one in the Hotel Morón, commented Odelaisy Hernández Cabezas, president of the CEM.

The upcoming elections have the characteristic that the vote will be exercised for the two candidates of the Morón municipality, in this case for the renowned artist Arnaldo Rodríguez, for national interest, and the tourism worker and candidate for the town Mayelin Luis Pérez , and the vote can be by all or selective.

Hernández Cabezas pointed out that this process has been transparent since its inception, with the proposals in plenary sessions and during the consultation with each delegate, who are the ones who approve the candidacies, at the proposal of the commission, made up of representatives of the mass organizations, students, and chaired by the Cubans´ Workers Central Union (CTC). (Written by Hector Izquierdo Acuña)

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