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Díaz-Canel: There are lessons to be learned from tours of Cuba (+Video)

President Miguel Díaz-Canel highlighted the practical usefulness of the tours he carries out with political and governmental teams around Cuba’s municipalities, which generates learning about the realities of each place, according to local media.

The visits are, in the first instance, a sign of support to local authorities in the implementation of decisions indicated by higher authorities, the president explained in his regular podcast From the Presidency, published the day before.

Speaking to journalists Alina Perera and Arleen Rodríguez, who were invited to the podcast, Díaz-Canel confirmed that the country’s top leadership «is in the fight alongside its people» and in these contacts can appreciate the problems beyond what is reported in the reports.

They allow them to investigate the reality for themselves, to make decisions, to contribute to solutions that in some cases have favoured the exploitation of idle areas for agricultural use, the Cuban president enumerated.

The tours also address various social problems in the communities, in the health and education sectors, and stimulate the search for answers to labour demands, especially among young people.

The Cuban president also mentioned the territorial analysis of the budget deficit, price control, the fight against illegalities, as well as the strengthening of socialist state enterprises and their links with new economic actors.

President República defended the work method of constant dialogue with the people, a legacy of the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, which today is highly relevant for political work.

The government’s agenda cannot be distanced from the people, and the visits are designed to analyse the problems and to promote solutions, which requires greater effort and work capacity on the part of the local authorities.

Direct dialogue with the people is teaching and learning, it allows experiences to be shared, criteria to be systematised and consensus to be reached, said the head of state, who highlighted the commitment, responsibility and dedication of the country’s leadership at all levels.

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