En este momento estás viendo Development projects benefit food for the avilanian people

Development projects benefit food for the avilanian people

The announcement that a food module will reach all the avilanian population, constitutes an additional delivery for the family festivities of the end of the year and is welcomed with pleasure, at a time of notable shortages and extremely high prices.

With great care, state-owned companies are speeding up their production to begin distribution in a staggered manner, which will constitute an important logistic deployment in each of the 10 municipalities of the territory.

The local development projects La Trocha and Son de la tierra stand out in this endeavor, committed to a high volume of their productions to cover the 180,000 consumers registered in the system of wineries of the Business Group of Commerce, in Ciego de Ávila.

The mini industries of La Trocha and Son de la Tierra are working at full capacity and, thanks to the productionlinkage, the harvests from the fields are converted into semi-processed supplies, which will be processed food, which will reinforce this December, the food supply of the people.

And this experience is valid to repeat it, always in a controlled way, within the basic standard food basket, so that the population can acquire it fairly in its warehouse, without giving opportunity to hoarders-sellers, who harm society so much in times of shortages.

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