En este momento estás viendo Cuba welcomes international day of caravans against U.S. blockade

Cuba welcomes international day of caravans against U.S. blockade

Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez, today welcomed the celebration of the first international day, in 2024, of caravans against the economic blockade imposed by the United States on the island.

Rodriguez highlighted on the social network X that Cuban residents and friends in solidarity pronounced themselves for a Cuba without the economic, political and financial siege, «guided by the Marti’s legacy of defense of justice, peace, sovereignty and independence of the homeland».

This Sunday, as happens every month, friends in solidarity and fellow countrymen and women mobilized from different cities to demand the elimination of the blockade.

According to activist Carlos Lazo, in the Floridian city of Miami, the Alianza Martiana together with the Bridges of Love movement called and the response left no room for doubt: dozens gathered to remember the Apostle and to reiterate to President Joe Biden that they are still waiting for him to fulfill his campaign promise in 2020 to change the hostile policies of his predecessor, Donald Trump, towards the island.

Several cars, driven by members of that patriotic emigration of Miami, drove through the streets of the city with shouts of «Down with the blockade», «Long live the bridges of love», «Long live Martí», according to a video sent to Prensa Latina.

Similar demonstrations of solidarity took place in Panama, Italy, Bahamas, Bolivia and Dominican Republic.

The damages caused to Cuba by the U.S. blockade represent an affectation of more than 405 million dollars a month, which implies one million dollars every two hours.

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