En este momento estás viendo Cuba solidarity and anti-imperialist meeting continues
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Cuba solidarity and anti-imperialist meeting continues

The International Cuba Solidarity and Anti-Imperialist Meeting continues here today after the participation of its delegates in an event for International Workers’ Day.

More than 1,100 participants in the event, which began on 30 April, will go to the Palacio de Convenciones in the capital on Thursday, after attending the Cuban trade unionists’ rally at the José Martí Anti-imperialist Tribune in the capital the day before.

The national press reported the pleasant impression made on Wednesday morning by friends in solidarity with the Caribbean island at the meeting of the Cuban trade union movement, which brought together some 200,000 people from five Havana municipalities at this patriotic site.

At the rally, which was attended by the leader of the Cuban Revolution, army general Raúl Castro, and president Miguel Díaz-Canel, the visitors expressed their unconditional support for Cuba and their rejection of the coercive measures applied by the US government.

Previously, members of solidarity committees with the island, political movements and support networks for the Cuban cause from 58 countries visited a dozen companies and centres of economic and social relevance in this capital and in the western province of Artemisa.

In the entities visited, they learned about the efforts of their labour collectives to find creative solutions to the numerous adversities imposed on workers by the US blockade for more than six decades.

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