En este momento estás viendo Cuba seeks to correct economic distortions

Cuba seeks to correct economic distortions

Cuba is seeking alternatives adjusted to its economic and social model to correct existing distortions that affect government management, said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil.

Speaking on the television program Mesa Redonda, Gil denied that the measures to be adopted as of 2024 are neoliberal in nature and explained that none of them are designed to minimize State intervention, nor to reduce market regulation, nor to encourage free competition or privatization.

None of the proposed measures go in that direction, on the contrary, he reiterated and affirmed that they are aimed at increasing the role of the State as regulator of the economy, strengthening the socialist state enterprise and regulating prices to prevent competition from prevailing.

All of them, he continued, are aimed at preserving social conquests, correcting existing distortions, marking a more accelerated trend in the economic recovery of the country and a greater social protection for families and people in vulnerable situations.

Together with achieving a fair and equitable distribution of the wealth generated, encouraging production and work to sustain social conquests.

Gil identified that some of the existing distortions that must be corrected are the subsidized prices of fuel, electricity and the basic food basket, as well as solving the budget deficit.

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