En este momento estás viendo Cuba highlights the importance of global solidarity in South Africa (+ Photo)

Cuba highlights the importance of global solidarity in South Africa (+ Photo)

The president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), Fernando González Llort, stressed here today the importance of strengthening the conscience of the peoples to face the current challenges and threats of the U.S. empire.

González Llort, Hero of the Republic of Cuba, added during the VII African Continental Meeting of Solidarity with his country that for this purpose it is necessary to «consolidate solidarity and make stronger and indestructible the ties that unite us».

He recalled how this meeting is taking place in a challenging international context for all and added that at this time the threat of war is overshadowing international relations with a disastrous impact on the world economy, the planet is facing the devastating consequences of global warming, climate change, diseases and epidemics.

In these circumstances, stressed González Llort, the peoples of the world, mobilized in support of Palestine, demand the cessation of the brutal aggression against a State that defends its right to exist sovereignly in its own land, an act in which «Zionism and imperialism have dropped their mask to show the world their true criminal and genocidal face».

Cuba, he told the more than 230 delegates from some 25 countries, expresses its support for South Africa’s request to initiate proceedings against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), in connection with that country’s violations of its obligations under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

After urging the attendees to sign the letter of support from organizations calling on States to support South Africa’s application to the ICJ, he emphasized the need for joint action by the peoples and governments of the world to put an immediate stop to the indiscriminate extermination of Palestinian children, women and civilians in general.

González Llort recalled how for Cubans Africa is much more than just another continent, «it is part of our history, of our culture, it is present in our daily life, in the men and women who defended Cuba’s independence in the 19th century, and defend its Revolution today».

A few months ago, he recalled, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the beginning of cooperation in Africa, since in May 1963 the first Cuban medical aid mission left for Algeria.

Since then, thousands of Cubans have cooperated in Africa as combatants, teachers, doctors, construction workers or educators wherever they are needed, and thousands of young Africans have been trained in various careers in Cuban institutions.

Today, he said, there are 102 friendship associations in Africa in 43 countries, while at the international level, solidarity with Cuba extends to 150 nations through 1,649 organizations.

González Llort denounced the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed against Cuba by the United States, which «the empire intends to asphyxiate us economically».

The ICAP president also highlighted how Washington’s act of arbitrarily including the island on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism is the sanction that most affects the Cuban economy, since it prevents many banking and financial institutions from refusing -or being careful- to have relations with a country that is on that list.

However, he stressed, the Cuban people are willing to resist the imperialist blockade for as many years as necessary and to win.

With the example of President Nelson Mandela, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro and so many other African leaders «who have shown us the way, we have learned how much can be done through solidarity, how to fight, resist and win», he stressed.

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