En este momento estás viendo Cuba expresses its commitment to peace in The Hague
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Cuba expresses its commitment to peace in The Hague

Cuban Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Anayansi Rodriguez said today from The Hague, Netherlands, the genuine interest and commitment of the Caribbean nation to peace.

At the seat of the International Court of Justice, the deputy minister pointed out the island’s historic and unconditional solidarity with the peoples subjected to colonialism and foreign domination and pointed out the massacre committed against the Palestinian people by Israel, the occupying power.

This, she said, occurs with the complicity of countries such as the United States, «responsible under international law for genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and the apartheid regime that determines where people can live, work and move depending on their ethnic and religious origin».

In this sense, he reiterated that the nations present at the hearing have a high moral, historical and legal responsibility to make a clear, transparent and forceful pronouncement on the ignominious situation of the Palestinian people.

As representative of the Cuban delegation, the Vice Minister indicated the essential legal elements to determine the international responsibility of Tel Aviv and the other international actors involved, in addition to the legal implications and consequences of these illegal acts.

«Based on the foregoing and, especially, taking into account the untenable situation being experienced by the Palestinian people, the Honorable International Court of Justice should pronounce itself in the clearest, most forceful and energetic legal terms, in defense of International Law,» she said.

Therefore, the Cuban delegation requested the prompt issuance of an Advisory Opinion opposing so many years of impunity and «clearly establishing the international consequences and responsibilities of all those who in one way or another contribute to the extermination of the Palestinian people».

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