En este momento estás viendo Mamonal producers defend their tomato growing tradition
Yobersy Aguilar Carrazana, achieved in his cultivation house during the present campaign some 600 thousand postures/Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

Mamonal producers defend their tomato growing tradition

The experience and talent of the tomato growers of Mamonal, an agricultural zone located in the north of the municipality of Majagua, despite the lack of inputs, makes it possible for the demanded vegetable to make their fields proud.

Proof of this is the collective of the Orlando González Ramírez Credit and Service Cooperative, which has the status of provincially outstanding, with almost fifty farms destined to this crop in which areas were reduced, but efforts were increased.

Only half of the 200 hectares of the previous campaign, made it possible to establish the current forecasts which have the possibility of being surpassed by achieving that the plantations are at 90% and have the time required to continue planting until the end of January.

The commitment of delivery to the industry amounts this time to 500 tons and through the Collection Company, the corresponding agreements were established for the distribution of the desired salad for the table of the avilanian people and other provinces of the country, as is the case of Las Tunas.

Among the agricultural structures in charge of materializing the task of the sale for population consumption is the farm called La Amelia, which is attended by the usufructuaries Valentín Aguilar Vázquez and Yobersy Aguilar Carrazana, father and son, who contribute with experience and youth.

Aguilar Carrazana, who is also the president of this group of the ANAP sector, also informed that the CCS achieved in its cultivation house during the present campaign about 600 thousand seedlings used in part for the development of the center and the rest for commercialization, work that still remains active in favor of the tomato tradition.

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