En este momento estás viendo Cuba calls to curb desertification on World Environment Day

Cuba calls to curb desertification on World Environment Day

Cuba joins the global celebrations for World Environment Day today with an extensive programme of activities, focused on reflecting on the loss of biodiversity and desertification.

In 2024, the day, which is celebrated every 5 June and instituted by the United Nations, will focus on issues such as land restoration, desertification and resilience to the effects of drought, aspects that are closely related to biodiversity loss, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma) said on the occasion of the day.

It is also about the deterioration of ecosystems on a global scale, the rehabilitation of which can have a positive influence on reducing the effects of climate change and ensuring food security for nations.

The programme of activities for the date includes audiovisual screenings, theoretical events, lectures, tree planting throughout the national territory, socialisation of public good messages in virtual social networks and mass media and participatory activities with communities.

The aim of the day is to raise awareness of the need to restore ecosystems in order to halt land degradation processes and recover their capacity to respond to extreme drought events, said Citma.

The eastern province of Las Tunas deserved to host the celebrations for its results in the system of work and control of the implementation of the National Environmental Strategy at the territorial level, with an agreement formalised by the Provincial Council.

In 2024, Citma celebrates its 30th anniversary, so the central activities for the 5th of June are also dedicated to this date.

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