En este momento estás viendo Collective sugar cane growers of Majagua making preparations for the harvest
Photo Amador Rodríguez

Collective sugar cane growers of Majagua making preparations for the harvest

The purpose of the sugar cane producers’ collectives located in the municipality of Majagua is to be ready to begin cutting and transportation work for the new sugar campaign with the arrival of December.

An example of this is the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production UBPC Gratitude, located in the Popular Council of Orlando González with significant progress in the preparation of machinery, trained personnel and selected cutting areas.

In an interview with this reporter, Eliseo Alonso Rodríguez, head of production, said that this year only 10 thousand tons of grass will be sent to the industry due to the non-incorporation of the Uruguay plant and Melanio Hernández, in charge of the task, is not able to process more than half of the raw material available in the avilanian southwest.

Among the harvesting forces of the UBPC is the mechanized cutting platoon with Enrique Mir Negrín at the head of the collective and the enthusiasm and consecration of the rest of the members, among them the operators Raúl González Gómez with more than 30 campaigns executed and Alexis Oliva Campos with 7.

Juan José Morgado Páez, administrator of the unit, informed that the planting plan for both the spring and cold seasons was fulfilled, that the raw material this time in addition to sugar will allow the production of alcohols and honeys and that the material conditions, in spite of the limitations, are created for the development of a good harvest.

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