En este momento estás viendo CTC flag tour concluded in Majagua
Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

CTC flag tour concluded in Majagua

After spending some 20 hours in the land of the Blue and Red Bands, the flag of the Cuban Workers´ Central Union that runs through the Avilanian province in greeting to May 1st, finished its tour of the Avilanian municipality of Majagua.

The banner in the hands of union leaders and prominent workers was received the previous day at the La Playita recreational center in Majagua, coming from the territory of Florencia and during its stay in the avilanian southwest it was in a group of centers in this main town.

Said list was made up of the municipal education department, health sector facilities, oil activity groups, the government body and cultural institutions and the sports department, where the enthusiasm that characterizes this village of peasant traditions.

Leidy Rivero Saavedra, general secretary of the Municipal Committee of the CTC, said that the presence of the red flag with the slogan «To the country, with hands and heart», in addition to the jubilation motivated the members of the collectives of the different unions to intensify the tasks dedicated to the day of the world proletariat.

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