En este momento estás viendo Constructive actions are planned in vital sectors
Photo: Radio Morón

Constructive actions are planned in vital sectors

Significant construction work, including the start of some works, as well as repair and maintenance actions, will be undertaken in the municipality of Morón in Avila this year, in accordance with the plans and budgets.

The construction of the Family Doctor and Nurse’s Office in the Aserrío community of the Turiguanó Popular Council, as well as the continuation of pending works at the Roberto Rodríguez General Teaching Hospital, are the main objectives in the health sector.

At the same time, they plan to carry out works of advancement and completion of some houses, according to the behavior of the materials and the real possibilities to face these actions.

According to the approved investment plan, about 200 new buildings should be built in the province in 2024 and another 85 under construction should be completed. (Written by Carlos González Ruiz)

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