En este momento estás viendo Conference for Cuban Press Day begins in Morón

Conference for Cuban Press Day begins in Morón

With a tribute to José Martí in the park that bears his name and the special dedication to the Patria newspaper that he founded, the Day for the Cuban Press Day begins this Thursday in the municipality of Morón, which will last until the 14th of March, which marks the founding date to recognize journalistic work.

Radio and television workers in the territory will meet in the historic place to testify their attachment to the Master, who as a journalist left an immense legacy that today serves as a source of inspiration for workers in the information spaces of the broadcast media.

The day includes exchanges, workshops, tours and radio and television programs dedicated to recognizing the work of journalists, as well as to encourage creation from the perspective of the exercise of criticism, immediacy and dramaturgy.

Editor-reporters with a brilliant career will also be recognized, including those who opt for the Félix Elmuza medal, the highest distinction awarded by the Union of Cuban Journalists, as well as the Orlando Castellanos prize for the Work of Life. (Written by Carlos G González Ruiz)

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