En este momento estás viendo Candidate nomination process continues in Majagua
Photo Amador Rodríguez López

Candidate nomination process continues in Majagua

The meetings of voters in the afternoon and early evening in the areas planned by districts and People’s Councils have made the process of nomination of candidates in the municipality of Majagua continue satisfactorily.

In that area, based on the voters’ proposals, the candidacies are created with a view to the elections corresponding to the new term of office of the People’s Power, which first round will be held on Sunday, November 27 and the second one a week later only in those schools where none of the nominees reaches the required percentage of votes.

Also in the last hours in the avilanian southwest, the voters’ lists have been placed in public places, so that neighbors over 16 years of age can check if their personal data are correct and if there are errors or omissions, request that they be rectified.

The development of the current process of nomination of candidates here, also has a positive impact on the program embracing the neighborhood with actions aimed at cleaning and beautification of the environment and among the nominations made in the last hours were those corresponding to the areas number 1 of the district 9 of Barrio Nuevo and 15 of the micro district.

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