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Tourism to grow in Ciego de Ávila Center for Coastal Ecosystems

Receiving more than 663,200 physical tourists, of which more than 400,800 are international, is the main objective of the development plan for the Jardines del Rey tourist destination this year.

This figure grows 29 percent in relation to that registered in 2022, according to Carlos Rubiel Pérez Mayea, provincial sub-delegate for Tourism in Ciego de Ávila, who added that they also propose to increase the export of services to 30 percent.

During the past year there were 1,229 rooms available to visitors and in the current season there will be another 638. In accordance with the investment process, another 656 are being built by 2024.

100 rooms at the Ciego de Ávila hotel are also being repaired, a total of 335 out-of-order rooms will be recovered by the real estate agency, and improvements are made to updating the tourism product in places such as La Güira and Villa Gregorio.

Likewise, Emprestur workers work on the recovery of 650 gastronomy and kitchen equipment in hotel and non-hotel units, for a 10 percent growth in accordance with what was done in 2022.

In the same way, changes are proposed in the energy matrix, mainly in the Caracol branch, where a financial investment is made to support 44 percent of electricity consumption with solar energy.

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