En este momento estás viendo Ciro Redondo granted the provincial act for July 26 in Ciego de Ávila

Ciro Redondo granted the provincial act for July 26 in Ciego de Ávila

Due to the joint effort, dedication to work and interest in defending the social process in Cuba, the Provincial Bureau of the Party in Ciego de Ávila decided to grant the venue for the activities for July 26 to the municipality of Ciro Redondo.

Together with the effort in the actions of the sugar harvest, the men and women of the central region also managed to intensify tasks related to food production, the construction of social works, of an energy nature, and promote local development projects in vulnerable communities.

The highest political leadership in La Piña properties also agreed to choose the territories of Florencia, Morón, Chambas, Majagua and Ciego de Ávila as outstanding, in addition to special recognition of the people as a whole, the essential protagonist of all the advances made in the Latir Avileño movement.

Liván Izquierdo Alonso, Member of the Central Committee of the Party and its first secretary in the province, after praising the work performance and congratulating the inhabitants of Ciro Redondo, winners of the central act for the Day of National Rebellion, called to continue the work of the multiple works that are carried out in salute to the Moncada epic, and intensify cleaning and beautification actions in workplaces and in residential areas where the CDR and the FMC play a fundamental role.

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