En este momento estás viendo Ciego de Avila Resident Physicians Receive Awards
Research work in Avila's medicine is a constant. Photo by Yelec Estrada

Ciego de Avila Resident Physicians Receive Awards

A scientific event for medical residents was held within the framework of the Jornada de La Salud Avileña tiene Corazón (Avila Health has a Heart) and as part of the scientific
of the scientific development strategy that is encouraged in the province.

The venue was the Provincial Hospital Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola, in the capital city of
where a jury composed of prestigious professors of Medicine, evaluated and awarded the
Medicine, evaluated and awarded prizes to the best works.

The information provided by Dr. and Master of Science Yelec Estrada
Guerra, methodologist of science and innovation of the hospital, the researches covered
research covered clinical and surgical specialties.

In the clinical area, «Barré-Lieou’s syndrome in an elderly person», by Dr. Joan Luis
by Dr. Joan Luis Hernández Valle, tutored by Professor Jorge José Pérez Assef.
Jorge José Pérez Assef.

The work «Hepatotoxicity induced by the use of the
induced by the use of methyldopa in a pregnant woman. Report of a
Dailen Quintana Abril and Dr. Asterio Alberto Martínez Sarmiento (tutor).
Sarmiento (tutor).

And Mention received «Effectiveness of acupuncture in the control of symptoms induced by chemotherapy
symptoms induced by antineoplastic chemotherapy in the hospital Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola», by the
Luaces Iraola», by resident Marllenis Andreu Abreu.

In the surgical specialties was Relevant «Clinical and epidemiological characterization of patients with thrombosis and
epidemiological characterization of patients with deep vein thrombosis and cancer»,
Pedro Alexis Alfonso Cabrera, with Dr. Glenda Reyes Almeida as tutor.
Glenda Reyes Almeida as tutor.

As Outstanding qualified «Prognostic factors of surgical reintervention in patients
in patients operated on for intra-abdominal emergencies in Ciego de
Ciego de Avila 2021-2024», by Yenisleidy Serpa Lima, tutored by Dr. Yunior Jorge Álvarez
Dr. Yunior Jorge Álvarez, tutor and a Mention was for «Risk factors in patients with
risk factors in patients with presenile cataract», by Luis Miguel Martínez Paz.
Martinez Paz.

The research work in Avila’s medicine is a constant, as a means to raise the level of the
the level of health professionals in the province of Ciego de Avila.
of Ciego de Avila.

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