En este momento estás viendo Ciego de Ávila promotes spring campaign in its final stretch
Photo Damian Betanzos Hernandez

Ciego de Ávila promotes spring campaign in its final stretch

Despite the deficit of fertilizers, pieces of equipment and agricultural implements, Ciego de Ávila is among the three provinces of the country that comply with the current spring planting campaign, which runs until August 31.

The La Cuba Agricultural Company is one of the state entities in the province that complies with the planned plans and increases agro-ecological actions with organic fertilizers, while in the final stretch of the spring campaign it is still maintaining its preparations of land for planting squash, sweet potato, cucumber, corn and banana.

Ricardo Varona Pestana, General Director of the La Cuba Agricultural Company, argued that there are still 150 hectares to be fulfilled, while the entity will receive new drip irrigation systems for the hydration of banana crops in dry periods.

The planting of root vegetables, grains, vegetables and fruit trees during the current campaign in Ciego de Ávila amounts to more than 17 thousand 180 hectares, a figure that can be met since so far in August fuel has been secured for both the state sector as well as for the peasant.

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