En este momento estás viendo Ciego de Ávila ready for national celebration
Photo: José Luis Martínez Alejo

Ciego de Ávila ready for national celebration

The central Cuban province of Ciego de Ávila is ready for the central act of the National Day of Safety and Health at Work, which will be held this November 1st and will last until November 30th, with multiple activities aimed at prevention as the best antidote against accidents at work.

Osvaldo Valdés Pedro, specialist in the Provincial Directorate of Labor and Social Security, informed that the territory will celebrate on this occasion with fewer accidents in the work places and the commitment to promote actions to avoid cases of death, both in the working day and in the traffic, because in both ways seven people were victims of the irregularities.

The official mentioned among the main causes the violations of the procedures for safe work, the deficiencies in the evaluation of the dangers and risks and indiscipline on the part of workers and leaders.

He said that the execution of the budget for personal protection means is still insufficient and emphasized that in this management the most worrying thing is the high prices of the products, the entities that do not comply with the plans and others that plan nothing as if it were not necessary to protect the personnel, which is their main resource.

Valdés Pedro clarified that this is a minority group, and mentioned as an example to follow the Material Company, winner of the national event, with the condition of protected and Safe Center in the confrontation of epidemiological diseases, such as dengue and COVID-19.

Yuniel Espinosa Reyes, member of the Provincial Secretariat of the Cuban Workers´ Union, pointed out that workers will be recognized there with the condition of Safe Man and Work Star in Safety and Health, by accumulating a vast work experience with an outstanding trajectory without work accidents, and outstanding blood donors in the Political Movement «Contribute your drop to save lives», among other stimuli.

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