En este momento estás viendo Pedagogy 2025 municipal event to take place

Pedagogy 2025 municipal event to take place

With around 40 research papers presented by teachers from different educational levels, the Municipal Pedagogy 2025 Event will take place in Morón on Friday 28 June, with the central theme «For the Unity of Educators».

According to the Master of Science, Yamila Tomasa Ferrá, Methodologist of the General Directorate of Education in Morón, the event, in addition to the commissions where these research works will be presented, will also have a Technology Fair, which will be held in the Palacio de Pioneros Conrado Benítez in this city.

Yamila was a delegate at the previous Pedagogy 2023 Congress, and since 1996 she has participated in the calls of this event, a contest where she has accumulated more than a dozen awards with different research projects, and she specifies that in one call she won three relevant awards in different instances of this contest.

In Morón, all the conditions are in place for the successful development of Pedagogy 2025, an event that will begin with a plenary session in the amphitheatre of the Rafael Morales Pedagogical School, with shared sessions in the Pioneers’ Palace. (By Leonel Iparraguirre González)

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