En este momento estás viendo Ciego de Ávila hospital receives donation from Spain
The donation consisted of surgical material and medical supplies./Photos Courtesy Department of Health Promotion

Ciego de Ávila hospital receives donation from Spain

A new donation was received by the Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola Provincial Hospital in Ciego de Ávila, from Cubans living in Spain.

The important solidarity action consisted of the delivery of surgical material and medical supplies, much needed due to the shortage of these elements due to the blockade suffered by Cuba.

The Spanish Solidarity with Cuba project exchanged with directors of the Avilanian hospital

When depositing the donation, María Zoila Paulo Burguete and María Inmaculada Igual Pacheco explained that it comes from a group of residents in Spain, who are united by their love for Cuba.

The Spanish-Cuban Solidarity project that brought materials for hospital use to the Ciego de Ávila capital spoke out for continuing this humanitarian work that alleviates ailments of some patients.

Cuba has an inclusive and free Health system, which needs many resources to guarantee the effectiveness of its services, currently limited by the effects of the blockade restrictions, hence these donations constitute a palliative.

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