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Photo: José Luis Martínez Alejo

Ciego de Avila calls for quality assemblies for economic plan 2024

If the labor force is the main resource of the economic activity, listening to and prioritizing the workers’ proposals represents one of the main objectives of the assemblies of the political process of discussion and analysis of the economic plan and the budget for the current year, in the labor collectives of the province of Ciego de Avila.

In the meetings during the months of January and February, emphasis will be placed on achieving clear and precise accountability reports from the administrations in such important aspects as payment systems, remuneration for high performance, funds for moral and material stimulation and those destined for the acquisition, construction and repair of housing.

Addressing these priorities will contribute to overcoming the greatest challenge of these times, which is how to achieve greater production of goods and services with the available potential and resources, based on the motivation to increase productivity, efficiency and quality.

Although all meetings with workers and representatives are important, the leadership of the trade union movement of Avila will attend in a differentiated manner the assemblies for the presentation of the 2024 economy plan in companies with export activities, food production and with economic losses.

In this last matter, Roberto Pérez García, member of the Provincial Secretariat of the CTC for the attention to economic issues, indicated to promote the participation in the meetings in the Provincial Company of Aqueduct and Sewage, the sugar agro-industrial companies Ecuador and Primero de Enero, the Poultry and the Agropecuaria Florencia.

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