En este momento estás viendo Celebration of the 62nd anniversary of Lídex Furniture company
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Celebration of the 62nd anniversary of Lídex Furniture company

The union bureau of the Base Business Unit de Muebles Lidex, in Ciego de Ávila, congratulated all its workers on the 62nd anniversary of the founding of this entity.

Ridalmis Ríos Camino, general secretary of the above mentioned bureau, explained how the first carpenters’ cooperative, named Camilo Cienfuegos, was created on September 8, 1960, at the call of Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro.

On that date, the founders voluntarily handed over their tools and work equipment to be used for the production of school furniture for the literacy campaign carried out in 1961.

Today we can proudly affirm that this base business unit not only fulfills state orders, without ignoring business efficiency and personal income, but also serves the community of 9 de Abril.

The annual plan for net sales in this industry amounts to 80 million pesos in 2022, a figure that almost doubles that of 2021, and is focused this year on four projects to replace imports in Tourism.

Other current purposes are to manufacture 8 thousand cradles and other furniture for the Ministry of Domestic Trade, and to commercialize its productions in virtual platforms and stores by freely convertible currency.

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