En este momento estás viendo Candidates for deputies to the Cuban Parliament approved in Primero de Enero
Photo Ariel González Guzman

Candidates for deputies to the Cuban Parliament approved in Primero de Enero

The delegates to the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in the Avilanian municipality of Primero de Enero unanimously approved Yudismar Zaldívar Martínez, head of security and protection of the CPA Paquito González and Orlando Concepción González, director of the company D Morón Teatro, as candidates for deputies to the Cuban Parliament.

The foregoing transpired in an extraordinary session of the Governing Body in the territory, after a process of individual consultations with all its members.

«For me, being a candidate for the Primero de Enero municipality is a source of pride, a privilege, and a commitment, in addition to the work I have, with my constituency, with the town of Primero de Enero, and with the province of Ciego de Ávila,» said Yudismar Zaldívar Martínez , candidate for the National Assembly of People’s Power.

For his part, Orlando Concepción González stated «For me it is a commitment, independent of the recognition of the work I have done for so many years, a commitment to represent this territory that works and merges in the times we live in, with agriculture in hand , as they say, that it has for the development of this municipality ».

Yudismar and Orlando are the candidates who will take this northeastern Avilanian territory to the polls on March 26, if approved by the people and complete the list of 470 parliamentarians of the tenth legislature.

Until next March 24, the candidates will develop routes for the exchange with the population that they will represent in Parliament.

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