Successful development of students´ army exercise in Ciego de Ávila

Photo Miladys Causilla Cutino

With the presence of teachers, young people and adolescents of the Pre-university educational level, the Student Bastion in Ciego de Ávila was successfully developed from April 12 to 14.

The participants in the conference spoke with combatants, and carried out demonstrative activities to face disaster situations and first aid simulations.

This was reported to Radio Surco by Reidel Palomino, president of the Federation of High School Students (FEEM) at the La Edad de Oro Urban Pre-University Institute.

The presentation of the ceremony squads, special morning sessions and the sanitization of the centers was part of the exercise, to find them ready when returning from the week of school recess.

The Student Bastion in Ciego de Ávila ratified the validity of the words of Fidel Castro Ruz: “To believe in youth is to see youth as the best raw material for the country, the best raw material for youth, for the Revolution; believing in youth is looking at all that our youth can do; It is to see in that youth the worthy continuators of the revolutionary work…”

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