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Candidate nomination process started in Morón

With the assembly held at the Culture House Haydee Santamaría, the process of nomination of candidates for delegates to the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power, AMPP, began in the 13th District and in the Avilanian territory of Morón.

In this step of the process, the most important and complex of the elections, at the proposal of the popular masses gathered there, the delegate of the district Magdalena Lima was ratified, in what is an expression of the exercise of democracy in Cuba.

The territory of Morón is made up of 72 constituencies, where the different areas where up to eight candidates for delegates may be nominated will function.

The nomination of candidates, which lasts until November 11, is a very important step that guarantees the electoral process on Sunday, November 27, in which voters will exercise their free, direct and secret vote in each of the polling stations that will operate in the locality. (Written by Héctor Izquierdo Acuña)

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