En este momento estás viendo Camagua Folk Dance Festival to host companies from different countries
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Camagua Folk Dance Festival to host companies from different countries

With the participation of 20 folkloric companies from the five continents, the IV International Camagua Folk Dance Festival will be held from December 14 to 17 in Camagüey.

Master Fernando Medrano Vireya, director of the host company Camagua, informed at a press conference that the provincial dance meeting of the International Council of Organizers of Folklore and Traditional Art Festivals (CIOFF) Camagüey, will feature the dance group of the socio-cultural project Golpe a Golpe, Raíces, the children’s youth artistic company Aires de Bahía de Nuevitas, Sangre Gitana, Ilusión and the Arlequín Artistic Ensemble of the Office of the Historian.

We want to add and multiply ideas in each edition, we have a great representation of young people who extol the values of popular and traditional Cuban culture, and it is very important for our youth to participate in an event that brings together so many facets of art, Medrano said.

This edition will be held in two modalities, the virtual one that includes the fourth International Festival and the on-site one with the development of the first International Festival of Dance Couples, the first National Festival of Dance Couples of Artistic Teaching and the second National Festival of Dance Couples of Dance Companies.

In this opportunity there will be a representation of the country’s middle level schools from Havana, Matanzas, Villa Clara, Camagüey, Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo.

La Colmenita, the singer Maria Victoria Rodríguez, the Failde Orchestra and the Septeto Santiaguero are the special guests at this great Cuban and world dance festival.

One of the highlights of the event will be the two-person exhibition of plastic arts Gris con pespuntes negros by Iliana Sanchez and Joel Jover.

The Santa Cecilia Convention Center will host the theoretical event «Folkloric Representations in Internet Time» and the Ignacio Agramonte Cultural Center will offer classes on Yoruba and Rumba.

Collateral activities include performances by El Piquete, the Desanndan Vocal Group, the Conjunto Soneros de Camacho and the Maravilla de Florida Orchestra, who will entertain the audience in the plaza of the Main Theater of this city.

The virtual galas of this renowned event will be broadcast in their entirety through Facebook and YouTube platforms.

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