En este momento estás viendo Birthday of the Rayitos de Sol Children’s Circus
Photo: Radio Morón

Birthday of the Rayitos de Sol Children’s Circus

Crowned as a cultural project of particular relevance, deserving not only applause and ovations, but also awards and recognitions, the Rayitos de Sol Children’s Circus, from the Avila municipality of Moron, celebrates its 43rd anniversary this May 19.

The project, created at the initiative of Juan Alberto Iglesias in 1981, first identified as Alegría Pioneril, acquired the name Rayitos de Sol in 1988, and received awards such as the Escaramujo Prize from the José Martí Art Instructors Brigade, among others.

Since then, Rayitos de Sol is a children’s company that is nurtured with elementary school children with artistic aptitudes, and with professional training and instructions, they reach a special development in acrobatics, skates, magic, clowns, balance, juggling, spinning hoop, among other circus expressions.

For its systematic performance in function of the Community Culture, the Children’s Circus has earned the right to have the Cine-Teatro San Carlos of this city as its official headquarters. (Written by Leonel Iparraguirre Gonzalez)

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