En este momento estás viendo Avilanian transporters for greater efficiency in services (+Photos)

Avilanian transporters for greater efficiency in services (+Photos)

Achieving greater efficiency in operations and increasing transportation is one of the prevailing projections of the workers of the School Transportation Subsidiary Company in Ciego de Ávila.

This was made known during the analysis of the work results for the year 2022, where the main problems affecting these services were exposed and the plan of tasks for 2023 was also presented.

At the meeting, attended by Orlando Sánchez Perdomo, director of organizational planning, and Abel López Guadavilla, head of the energy group, both from the management of the National School Transport Company, aspects related to the recovery of the equipment park to increase the technical availability coefficient were discussed, and in this sense the work developed by the innovators committee was praised.

Orlando Negrín Gómez, director of the entity, said that it is necessary to increase productivity and encourage the development of the socialist state enterprise as a guarantor of the national economy.

The moment was propitious to recognize Juan Antonio Castañeda Ceballos, from the base of Ciego de Ávila, Osvaldo Peláez Pérez, from the municipality of Morón, and Alberto Álvarez Regueiro, from the Guillet unit.

Recognition was also given to José Luis González León, from the municipality of Venezuela, Ricardo Figueroa Portemeñe, from Baraguá, and Reinier Pardo Acosta, from the municipality of Chambas, all of them outstanding workers during the year 2022.


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