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Argentinian university front begins day of protest

The National Universities Union Front of Argentina will begin a 72-hour day of struggle today to demand a wage increase and denounce the policies of Javier Milei’s government.

As in previous weeks, members of the Federation of University Teachers (Conadu), the Historical Conadu, the Confederation of Education Workers and other organisations will carry out protest actions and initiatives to make their demands visible, including a mobilisation in front of the Pizzurno Palace, headquarters of the sector’s secretariat in this capital.

The rally is scheduled for 12:00 local time, during which the professionals will denounce the lack of response from the government and a loss of purchasing power of more than 40 per cent.

Without decent salaries and with 60 per cent of teachers below the poverty line, no public university is possible, says a joint communiqué.

It also demands the holding of free paritarias (negotiations between employers and workers).

The national university conflict remains open because of the government’s decision to increase only 10 per cent of the budget, corresponding to operating costs, and to freeze the remaining 90 per cent, which includes the salaries of those of us who work, adds the text.

On the other hand, the Front described the last strike as positive and highlighted the support of society.

It also blamed the Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovello, for the lack of attention to the sector and for irregularities in the distribution of food destined for soup kitchens.

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