En este momento estás viendo ANAP productive collective of Majagua in actions

ANAP productive collective of Majagua in actions

Just one step away from compliance with the cane delivery plan and attention to various crops are a reflection of the productive actions of the members of the Nieves Montano Agricultural Production Cooperative of the municipality of Majagua.

Miguel Gómez Carmona, president of the aforementioned ANAP group located in the La Victoria community of the Orlando González Popular Council, specified that with the first rains in April, among other actions, the planting of pumpkin, sesame seeds, and beans was carried out, to be followed by the cassava, sweet potato and peanut planting.

Regarding the sugar campaign, he argued that in addition to cutting and transporting the grass from the center itself, the members of the mechanized cutting squad contributed to the development of the task in other units linked to the Sancti Spiritus industry such as the CPA Panchito Gómez Toro, Cabrera, Gratitude and Bernal.

In addition, Gómez Carmona said that despite the resource limitations and the effects caused by the intense drought, the group has larger cattle, which allows it to maintain a discreet delivery of milk to the industry and with about 40 rams in order to strengthen self-sufficiency.

Reason for satisfaction gives the members of the CPA Nieves Montano de Majagua, to bear the name of one of the martyrs of the territory and that 2 tarjas are located in their areas in remembrance of important combats led by the independence fighters Máximo Gómez and José Gómez Cardoso.

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