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Preliminary electoral registry audit begins in Venezuela

The audit of the preliminary electoral register begins today until 8 May in Venezuela as part of the timetable approved by the National Electoral Council (CNE) for the presidential elections on 28 July.

Last week, the CNE provided Venezuelans with two ways to check and verify their data through a simple instruction published on its website: through the e-mail address http://www.cne.gob.ve or by SMS message.

New registrants and those who have changed their place of residence or voting centre can access the National Council’s website and follow the instructions to verify their data.

The electoral body indicated that those interested should look in the right-hand column under the heading «Consulta Registro Electoral Preliminar Electoral Elección Presidencial 2024» and enter their identity card number to verify that everything is in order and that there are no errors or unauthorised changes in the voting information.

The Electoral Power pointed out that people who are not included in the register or who appear in the wrong polling station will have until 14 May to correct the errors.

In the procedure to be followed, citizens must download a form available on the web portal, fill it out and send it to registro.electoral@cne.gob.ve, provided by the CNE.

According to preliminary data released by the CNE on 22 April, six days after the registration deadline, 604,964 new voters registered and another 847,999 made updates.

This number of registered voters represented an increase of 29 per cent compared to the 2021 elections and was the third highest percentage in the last five electoral processes, according to local press.

The registration and updating of the national and international electoral register began on 18 March with the activation of 315 fixed points and more than 1,43 machines throughout the country, and culminated on 16 April with the completion of the preliminary cut-off.

Last Friday saw the completion of the audit of the voting machine software, which was attended by representatives of the Latin American Council of Electoral Experts in the person of its president, Nicanor Moscoso, and CNE officials.

The latter included officials from the General Directorate of Information Technology and the National Office of Political Participation, external advisors and 24 political organisations.

According to the published minutes of this process and in the presence of all those involved, a record was made of «the transparency of this act», a document that was signed «as a sign of acceptance and conformity».

The presidential elections in Venezuela will be held on Sunday 28 July and will be the 31st since the advent of the Bolivarian Revolution.

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