En este momento estás viendo Agro-ecological movement event in Majagua
René Pereira Lazo was one of the speakers at the ANAP municipal forum/Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

Agro-ecological movement event in Majagua

The contributions of the farmer-to-farmer agro-ecological movement in food production were highlighted in the municipality of Majagua during the development of the Municipal Forum for Innovation of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP).

At the meeting held at the Cooperative of Credits and Services Orlando Expósito in the locality of Crucero de Campo Hatuey, attended by the member of the municipal bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba in the agro-food sphere, Leivis Sabón Osoria, and Roberto Salas Romero, in charge of the task at the provincial level, actions that need to be generalised were discussed.

In this regard, they learned about the experiences of the sugar cane fields and their contribution to the development of fruit trees and animal husbandry. The benefits of sesame, which makes it possible to produce edible oil at a cost of less than 15 cents per litre, the production of higher quality organic material, innovations in relation to the irrigation of water to crops and the use of animal traction.

In the presence of the representative of CITMA in the territory and professors of the University branch, it was learned that of the 23 works presented, the collectives of the Cooperative of Agricultural Production Nieves Montano of the Community «La Victoria» and the CCS «Reinaldo Mannig» of Lázaro López, will attend the provincial event to be held next September.

The delegation will be made up of the president of the «Nieves Montano» anapista group, Riover Marrero Peña, and René Pereira Lazo, in charge of technological activities at the «Reinaldo Mannig» CCS, each of whom will discuss the two papers they have authored in plenary session.

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