En este momento estás viendo Adjustment plan and anti-protest measures denounced in Argentina

Adjustment plan and anti-protest measures denounced in Argentina

Members of dozens of social, trade union and human rights organizations will march today in Argentina to denounce the adjustment plan and the anti-protest measures of Javier Milei’s government.

According to members of the Unidad Piquetera, starting at 4:30 p.m., local time, a column of demonstrators will leave from the Congress and another will leave from the Obelisk to converge at the Plaza de Mayo.

The demonstration coincides with the 22nd anniversary of the social outburst of 2001 which led to the resignation of the then president, Fernando de la Rúa, and has among its objectives to condemn «the plan of adjustment and misery of Milei and the International Monetary Fund and to defend the right to protest».

Among the groups that will participate are the Polo Obrero, the Frente de Izquierda, Patria Grande, the Communist Party, the Unión Ferroviaria, the Encuentro Memoria, Verdad y Justicia, the Servicio Paz y Justicia and the Asociación Gremial Docente.

Former presidential candidates Myriam Bregman and Juan Grabois, the representative of Madres de Plaza de Mayo- Línea Fundadora, Nora Cortiñas, and union leaders confirmed their presence.

Last week, the Minister of Economy Luis Caputo announced the elimination of subsidies, the devaluation of the peso, the end of public works, the reduction of ministries, layoffs in the state sector and the reduction to a minimum of transfers to the provinces, among other actions.

In turn, the head of Security Patricia Bullrich informed that the Gendarmerie, the Naval Prefecture, the Airport Security Police and the Federal Police, as well as the penitentiary system, will intervene in the event of cuts, pickets and partial or total blockades of public places.

If they take to the streets there will be consequences. Action will be taken until the space is completely free and the minimum necessary and sufficient force will be used. It will be graduated in proportion to the resistance, he said.

He also indicated that «the perpetrators, accomplices and instigators of this type of crime» will be identified, as well as the vehicles used, which will be seized if they do not comply with the traffic regulations and if their drivers do not have the required documents.

Those carrying children will be sanctioned and the competent authorities will be notified. All costs of security operations will be invoiced to the responsible organizations and individuals. The State will not pay for the use of forces, he added.

For her part, the Minister of Human Capital Sandra Pettovello stated that all those who promote, instigate, organize or participate in the demonstrations will lose contact with this State portfolio.

Likewise, she reiterated that they will not be able to access social plans.

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