En este momento estás viendo Projects of the Cuban Communist Party address social problems

Projects of the Cuban Communist Party address social problems

A broad group of projects and strategies to address the challenges and aspirations facing Cuban society today was presented at the 7th Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (CC PCC).

The party event, held on December 15 and 16 at the Palace of the Revolution, seat of the Cuban Government, discussed work projects led by the Political Bureau and the Secretariat of the CC PCC aimed at finding solutions to social problems.

The conclave pronounced to fight the battle with ideological firmness from the fight against cultural colonization, as well as activism in social networks and the confrontation of internal weaknesses, among other actions of the militancy.

The project on coercive measures and their impact on the ideological struggle of the Cuban people will contribute to the understanding of the population on the real effects of the unjust and criminal economic blockade of the United States on Cuba.

Although this economic, financial and commercial siege is present in all activities, the damage it causes to the population, the economy and the development of the country is not always adequately explained, explained Yoelkys Sanchez, member of the CC PCC.

The organization of communists in Cuba will also lead projects on the cultural war against the island, Marxist theory and Latin American thought in the ideology of the Cuban Revolution.

Likewise, other party programs deal with the theoretical and cultural heritage of the interpretation and teaching of Marxism; the quality of the exercise of popular political power; and agrarian relations in the rural dimension of development.

According to Sánchez, the work of the PCC will also focus on public policies and citizen participation based on the legitimacy of local government; the political socialization of young university students for the construction of socialist hegemony and political communication in Cuban society.

In their essence, the projects and actions of the party leadership seek to strengthen the work of the organization and the comprehensiveness of the ideological political work in the social environment, recognized the participants in the 7th Plenary Session of the PCC.

The Secretary of Organization of the party body, Roberto Morales, pointed out that the economic battle, the struggle for peace, unity and ideological firmness are priorities of the political organization.

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