En este momento estás viendo 2024 a year of challenges and creative resistance for Cuba
Recovering the production of sugar and its derivatives is vital. Photo by Juan Antonio Borrego

2024 a year of challenges and creative resistance for Cuba

A difficult year is beginning in Cuba, as well as in the world, and in order to get through it, it will be necessary to resort to creative resistance in all its forms.

For Cubans on the island, there is no other option: to increase the production of food and goods as the only way to lower prices, which are so high today that they severely affect family economy.

The economic siege suffered by the nation and some projects that have not come to fruition, make any development effort very hard because basically, the scarcity of fuel and raw materials become real impediments to achieve the elements that improve life in general.

In 2024, agricultural and livestock activities must make a substantial leap in their contribution to feeding the population, in order to achieve the reduction of imports.

Recovering the sugar industry is vital, due to its sense of symbol of nationality and the high price of sugar on the international market, and even more so for sugarcane derivatives such as alcohol, bagasse, cachaza, ethanol, among others.

It is necessary to work to improve services, especially in the health sector, which depends heavily on imports for most of its resources, but a solution will have to be found.

One of Cuba’s most pressing problems is the situation of vulnerability of a considerable number of its citizens, due to low salaries or pensions, physical or mental limitations, old age and other factors. All of them must be identified and cared for in their communities to avoid creating social inequality.

The challenges posed by the year 2024 are great in a convulsive world, whose negative
world, the negative consequences of which reach the island, where its people are torn between difficulties and the desire to fight to achieve their dreams.

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