En este momento estás viendo Youth Computer and Electronics Clubs in Majagua strengthen their services
The Youth Computer Clubs contribute to the digital transformation of society/Photo: Amador Rodríguez López

Youth Computer and Electronics Clubs in Majagua strengthen their services

Computer assistance to people requesting documents from the Civil Registry are among the services offered by the Youth Computer and Electronics Clubs located in the municipality of Majagua.

Also in the aforementioned facilities, located in the main town and in the demarcation of the Popular Council of Orlando González, applications linked to the digital transformation of society are installed, such as ENZONA, TRASFERMÓVIL, TICKET, VIAJANDO and TRENES, among others, for which the client is obliged to present identity documents, bank card and Remote Banking.

In addition to the services offered by these institutions of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, installations, reinstallations and maintenance of computer and laptop software, including the application of the Segurmática antivirus, its licensing and updating.

Yendrí Vega Betancourt, director of the Joven Club de Informática y Computación in the southwest of Avila, also argued that the presence of a group of people who requested the QR to make online payments and who have not yet received the second mail to offer them the required training is required.

With regard to the prospects of the young Municipal Club, Vega Betancourt informed that they are working on the creation of a YOUTUBE channel so that the population has access to didactic materials on technologies aimed at increasing knowledge in the community environment.

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