Young creators from Ciego de Ávila discuss values of the Family Code


On the eve of the popular referendum on the Family Code, young creators from Ciego de Ávila debate the multiple values of the legal document for the protection of the Cuban family in its widest dimension.

Edelso Pérez Fleites, president of the Union of Jurists of Cuba in Ciego de Ávila, was the guest at the second meeting that focused the controversy on the protection of the elderly, while doubts and concerns about other titles and chapters of the new Law were evacuated.

Legal principles and concepts such as urgent guardianship, socio-affectivity, the best interests of the child and family mediation as opposed to arbitration were widely analyzed in the inclusive and plural debate in the voice of the panelists and guests.

The first debate of the young creators of Ciego de Ávila delved into the rights of children and adolescents, while the last one will deal with the benefits of the Family Code for the youth.

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