En este momento estás viendo Yordanis, a promising young circus performer
Photos: Enrique Dámaso

Yordanis, a promising young circus performer

I met him at a recent presentation of the circus «Rayitos de sol» at the permanent venue of the San Carlos cinema in the city of Morón, and I can tell you that I was impressed by this young man, by his talent and professionalism.

At 16 years of age, Yordanis Font Crespo has been initiated in the circus art since he was two years old in the circus «Rayitos de sol», he is currently studying in the tenth grade of the educational centre Gullen Van Troi, in the Ciudad del Gallo.

This talented young man confesses to me that since he was very young he felt the desire to belong to the circus, at the beginning he wanted to be a trapeze artist, but he started as a clown in this company, later, when he was 8 or 9 years old, he moved to «Los juglaritos de ensueño» with the teacher Elizabeth, there he stayed until he was 14 years old, but again he returned to his beloved company «Rayitos de sol».

He took part in an International Circus Festival with a number called «Muñeca de trapo» (Rag Doll), which won him a mention. He then joined the acting academy «Vicentina de la Torre».

But as the circus is his passion, he takes the entrance exam to the National Circus School and passes it «because I have it in my genes», as he tells me, a part of his family is in circus art and acting.

In July Yordanis will participate in the 17th edition of the International Circus Festival in the capital of the country and he will go there with three numbers, quadrant in cervical strength, floor adagio and balance on stools, a cultural exchange between the members of the circus «Rayitos de sol» and artists from various countries of the world.

Yordanis Font Crespo says that he feels proud to represent his beloved «Rayitos de sol» and has in his mind a fixed idea, to do the unspeakable to defend his circus acts and that he will never give up his dreams no matter how difficult the circumstances may be and he reaffirms that he loves what he does in life, that is why I ratify that Yordanis is a promising young circus artist.

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