En este momento estás viendo More than 118,000 dead, wounded and missing in Gaza due to aggression

More than 118,000 dead, wounded and missing in Gaza due to aggression

More than 118,000 Palestinians were killed, injured or are missing today in the Gaza Strip, after 201 days of Israeli aggression, which caused preliminary losses of some 30 billion dollars.

According to the authorities of the coastal enclave, in their most recent summary of the consequences of the attack, the Israeli military carried out 3,25 massacres in that territory since October 7 last year.

Of the total number of deaths, 9,752 are women and 14,778 are minors, including 30 who lost their lives due to starvation, the document stressed.

Also reported are 485 deaths among medical personnel, 67 members of the civil defense and 140 press workers, most of them journalists.

Some 7,000 citizens are still missing while another 77,143 were injured, of whom 11,000 need to travel abroad for treatment, it added.

It is estimated that 14,000 children are living without one or both parents due to the aggression.

The Gazan government pointed out that 10,000 cancer patients are facing death and need urgent treatment.

More than 1,90 thousand people suffer from infectious diseases due to displacement and the poor hygienic conditions of the territory due to the destruction of water supply sources and the large amount of solid waste in the streets.

The text highlighted that 60 thousand pregnant women are at risk due to lack of health care, as well as 350 thousand chronic patients who do not have medicines.

Of Gaza’s 2.3 million inhabitants, at least two million are currently displaced, it stressed.

Since October 7, he said, Israel has destroyed 181 government buildings, 103 schools or universities, 239 mosques and 86,000 homes, although he clarified that tens of thousands of other structures were damaged.

He cited as an example that more than 294,000 homes were partially destroyed and are now uninhabitable.

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