En este momento estás viendo Workers’ movement in Majagua congratulates agricultural workers

Workers’ movement in Majagua congratulates agricultural workers

The Committee of the Cuban Workers´ Union in the Municipality of Majagua on the occasion of the celebration this October 3, the day of the workers in the agricultural sector sends them all an expressive congratulation.

Leydi Rivero Saavedra, the highest representative of the aforementioned union in the avilanian southwest, highlighted the participation of these men and women in tasks as important as those directed to the development of the food program in the present stage of sowing and cultivation of agricultural plantations.

More than 400 workers make up the union in this avilanian agricultural and livestock area, and among the 18 union sections that have reached this date with their financial obligations for the year fulfilled are the poultry collectives 2 Monte Los Rusos, 3 Crucero de Guayacanes and the local project Guamajales.

Every October 3 it is celebrated in Cuba the day of the agricultural worker on the occasion of the promulgation in 1963 of the Second Agrarian Reform Law that provided for the nationalization of land to make it available for food production for the people. This is the 59th anniversary of this event.

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