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With more recreation, Majagua flourishes in Summer with Everyone

The pioneers are in charge, and in their provincial camp they have a headquarters for participants from all over Avilanian the province.

Majagua stands out as a municipality for its festivities, like other localities in Cuba. In its case, the rivalry between the blue and red sides that make up its inhabitants stands out.

But in the current summer, the pioneers are in charge, who in their provincial camp have a headquarters for participants from all over the province.

In the middle of the majagua countryside is the installation of several prefabricated houses with tile roofs. «We have capacity for more than 300 children with their guides,» Leodén Miranda, deputy director of activities there, tells JIT. «This is a hornet’s nest with these kids. Here they learn about life in the field and we learn about them,» he adds.

«We are 24 workers to give them service. Of course, we get help from the guides and some parents who accompany them,» he adds.

«The INDER recreation teachers are vital here. Without their commitment and knowledge, we would not be able to carry out the activities scheduled for each day, because the energy of these children demands a lot of movement,» says the smiling young man.

A river is an alternative for the heat that dominates here in any month of the year, especially in July and August. «We have the idea of building a swimming pool to take advantage of the water and develop other activities. We hope to carry out this project soon,» he concludes.

Liandris Guilarte is a biology teacher at a school in her municipality of residence, Chambas. Having become a guide here, she and her son Álvaro say that the pioneer camp is an ideal place to enjoy a summer without setbacks.

«The children make friends. They learn to interact with other people. They challenge each other in games, some even learn to swim, to make bonfires, to coexist with nature,» says the native of the mountainous municipality of Maisí, on the eastern end of the island.

«I would like to be here from the beginning of summer until it ends. And my little friends from Chambas would be with me,» says Álvaro.


The Raúl Barbosa Morales Sports Complex is located in the community in transformation Orlando González, formerly central Algodones.

There, Inder’s recreation teachers are indispensable. Mirna Leyva Castillo is confirmation of this. «We have created some games like the one called ajilao, which allows us to teach the children where the athletes who have won medals for Cuba live…», exposes this graduate in Physical Culture and Sports.

«We work with a map of Cuba without any signage, only with the limits of the territories. Here all the games are traditional or created by the teachers. The intention is to offer alternatives to technology,» she says.


«The little beach is the recreation site par excellence in this municipality,» says recreation teacher Mildrey Carmona Martínez.

At the entrance of the famous place, actually a dammed river in an area adjacent to the Central Highway, an information board provides the day’s program: chess, checkers, dominoes….

«In addition to these passive games, we develop activities of participation, animation and aquatic festivals,» says Mildrey, «We have had about 1,000 people here, but the daily average is about 800,» she explains further on.

The facility has a restaurant, cabins, video bar, barbecues and air-conditioned bars, says the municipal director of INDER in Majagua, Helen Pérez Agüero.

«A kind of slide built out of a polyethylene tube is the star of this year’s event. It has generated more visitors, especially children. This initiative adds to the enjoyment, especially for the children», concludes the person who is considered one of the main architects of the success of the Summer for All in Majagua.

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