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Solidarity initiatives with Cuba promoted in Sweden

The Swedish-Cuban Solidarity Association is carrying out several actions to disseminate the reality of the island and support it in the face of the limitations caused to its people by the U.S. blockade, said today the president of the organization, Zoltan Tiroler.

In declarations to Prensa Latina, the activist said that between August 15 and September 15, members of the association travel in a minibus around the Swedish geography to talk with its inhabitants and expose them the truth about the Antillean nation.

We have called it the Cuba bus, with which we plan to visit some 20 cities and towns, where we make interventions and carry flyers, books, banners and music, he added.

According to Tiroler, the objective of the initiative is to contact as many people as possible at the stops, so they stay in squares, markets, schools and other crowded places.

The first stage includes tours in the north of the country, then we will change the crew of the minibus and we will be in the south, he said.

The Swedish-Cuban Association develops systematic actions to denounce and condemn the economic, commercial and financial blockade that the United States has imposed on the island for more than 60 years.

The activities are accompanied by the contribution of funds and material resources to help alleviate the consequences of that policy, intensified during the administration of Donald Trump.

In this regard, Tiroler said that they are preparing to send a new container to Cuba with supplies for the health sector, including medicines and hospital and professional clothing, as well as resources for agriculture.

We will also send computers and other computer-related resources, he added.

According to the president of the solidarity organization, the intention is for the container to leave Gothenburg at the beginning of November.

In order to acquire the resources that we will send, we carried out fundraising in many places in Sweden, for which we thank the people who have participated and are participating in this effort, he told Prensa Latina.

Another activity promoted by the association is its presence in the «Race for Peace, which has been held since 1985 to show solidarity with peoples fighting against war and oppression.

The cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Umea and Jonkoping will host the event, in which one can run or walk various distances, and thanks to which last year we were able to contribute seven thousand Euros for the purchase of syringes destined for Cuba, Tiroler pointed out.

The Swedish-Cuban Association reiterated its support to the largest of the Antilles and in particular to Matanzas due to the recent serious accident in its industrial zone, where a voracious fire destroyed part of the supertanker base and caused numerous victims.

Through MediCuba Switzerland, we initially contributed 10 thousand Euros to support the actions to face this catastrophe and we plan to send a similar amount shortly, he said.

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