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The cowboy Omar León (Güiro) is one of those who will loosen the moorings now to give free rein to salary stimulation through some payment channel of the banking process. Photo: José Luis Martínez Alejo

Wage stimulus stuck

Perhaps it seems as if a word jumped from the pages of the dictionary to put quite a few people on edge, because saying Banking today is something similar to an echo in multiple scenarios.

I heard comments on the matter a few hours ago in the cane furrow, in the livestock module, in the workers’ dining room and other spaces of a National Vanguard collective, but before putting the faces of the protagonists to this reflection, I must argue that the objective is to use electronic payment channels more and reduce the use of cash, whose measure is protected by resolution 111 of 2023 of the Central Bank of Cuba, which was published on August 2 in the Official Gazette of the Republic.

Its provisions have been explained by the media, so I want to illustrate with the dividends of the Agustín Balmaceda Basic Cooperative Production Unit, from the municipality of Baraguá, which closed its economic balance last June with 13 million pesos in profits and of which 7 million the administrative direction of the entity wants to distribute for the stimulation of its workers, but everything has been left in the intention due to insufficient amount of cash in the banking agency.

Close to a sugarcane plantation, the almost fiftieth-year-old worker in the sugar sector, Jorge Jesús Rodríguez, did his calculations: «I have 100 thousand pesos on a card and 75 thousand that I should receive as stimulation, how many days would I need to go to the Bank if they have Have cash withdrawals been limited to five thousand pesos a day?

Will this operator be able to bring the tractor up to the guardrail and stop working on the cane to go to a queue for several days in search of compensation for himself and his family, for the final result of his efficient management?

It is a profitable UBPC whose essence is the production of cane, but it is also an example of diversification of agricultural production and staff care with a price that does not exceed six pesos a day for lunch in the workers’ dining room, while the Another day, this benefit exceeded 70 pesos in a large agricultural company in Avila.

It is true that bankization is a gradual process with several aspects in its current empowerment process, as is also true that 70% of the municipalities of the province.

They do not have ATMs, and the existing ones in Morón, Baraguá and the provincial capital are using technologies with more than 20 years of operation.

So in the effort to boost the finances of all the actors in the economy and their relationship with the people, alternatives must be implemented more quickly so as not to postpone personal income destined to face the rigors of life of those who, like those of Agustín Balmaceda, from the municipality of Baraguá, did not enjoy the salary stimulation in the celebration on September 20 of the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the Basic Cooperative Production Units.

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