En este momento estás viendo Visiting Dinos Pizzas in Ciego de Avila, an experience to repeat.
Dinos Pizzas, en la capital avileña, denota esmerada limpieza y orden/Fotos Idania Pupo Freyre

Visiting Dinos Pizzas in Ciego de Avila, an experience to repeat.

Among the gastronomic units of the Palmares branch in Ciego de Avila is the Dinos Pizzas restaurant, a place where the quality of service is a source of satisfaction.

A varied menu ranges from cold salads to a variety of pizzas, spaghetti, lasagna, short pastas, as well as ice cream, soft drinks, juices and different types of beer.

The preparation of each dish reaches the diner with excellent quality and good presentation and care is taken to ensure that the drinks are served cold so that they have the desired flavor.

In addition to the delight of the food, the waiters’ service is excellent, complementing the work of the kitchen staff and providing quick and satisfactory service.

The Dinos Pizzas restaurant in the capital of Avila, denotes careful cleanliness and order, in addition to a pleasant decoration, according to the characteristics of the time of the year.

At the Palmares unit, good management and a great sense of belonging of its workers can be appreciated, which rounds off a labor group worthy of all praise.

Visiting Dinos Pizzas in Ciego de Avila is an experience that leaves as a result the desire to repeat and a pleasant memory.

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