En este momento estás viendo USA, two years after abortion rights were overturned

USA, two years after abortion rights were overturned

More than 50 events will be held in the United States today to mark the second anniversary of a Supreme Court decision that erased a nearly half-century of pro-abortion precedent.

According to local media, the rallies scheduled for Monday will focus on the issue, which Democrats see as key to President Joe Biden’s re-election efforts and which analysts believe will be on the ballot on November 5.

Vice President Kamala Harris will attend two rallies, one in Arizona and one in Maryland, while her husband Doug Emhoff will participate in a roundtable discussion and campaign rally in Michigan.

For months, the Biden campaign has used reproductive rights to attract voters, especially the youth and women’s blocs that are critical to his chances of staying in the Oval Office for another four years.

Both Biden and Harris insist to voters that former President Donald Trump – who appointed several conservative Supreme Court justices – is responsible for the overturning of Roe v. Wade (something the ex-governor himself claims credit for).

They therefore warned that another Trump term could presage an even more far-reaching national ban on abortion.

«We know how this all came about and who is to blame,» Harris said in a virtual session earlier this month in which she reiterated that «Donald Trump personally chose three members of the US Supreme Court with the intention of undoing the rights protected in Roe v. Wade.»

The justices, she stressed, «did what he intended, and now, in more than 20 states, we have abortion bans because of Trump».

By overturning Roe v. Wade on 24 June 2022, the nation’s Supreme Court set back the rights of women in this country, taking away the ability to make «our own medical decisions and handing it over to politicians,» Planned Parenthood warned at the time.

According to advocates, the Court’s decision most affected black, Latina, Native American and other minority women living in communities where systemic racism has blocked access to health care and opportunities.

The Supreme Court’s ruling opened the door for states across the country to establish their abortion laws, with momentum in states where legislatures are controlled by Republicans.

Jill Biden, the President’s wife, attended two «Women for Biden-Harris» events in Pennsylvania yesterday. At one, in Lancaster County, she said the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade two years ago «drew new blood from wounds that had healed».

«We are still fighting the battles that were settled so many decades ago,» the first lady said during brief remarks at Millersville University.

«We are the first generation to give our daughters fewer rights than we had. Radical Republicans are sacrificing women’s health, freedom and futures in the name of their political agenda,» she stressed.

She pledged that, if President Biden is re-elected, she would strengthen access to reproductive health care and fight for a national law that would restore Roe’s protections, including access to in vitro fertilisation and contraception.

For his part, Trump, who campaigned in Philadelphia on Saturday, boasted of his Supreme Court nominees, but presented contradictory positions on abortion in 2024, the press noted.

Earlier, the Republican spoke at a conference with representatives of a segment that is essential to his aspirations to return to the White House: conservative Christians.

At an event organised by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, he reiterated that abortion restrictions should be left to the states.

But, Trump knows how sensitive this issue is. He has even called for restraint among Republicans to avoid election losses if they take too strong a stance against abortion.

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